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2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Certificate of Excellence in Music Teaching by International Concert Festival!
2010 Certificate of Excellence of the International Young Musicians Festival "Passion of Music"!

2008 Award and Plaque of the Associated Board of the London Royal School of Music was presented to Marina Belkin for teaching at the highest distinction mark!

PIANO LESSON in Believe in Music Studio


To David Belkin, Alex Yakir, Olivia Gomes, Chloe  Castellana, Michael Tokar, Semira Kizhakkey 
for their successful performance in Greenwich  School of Music in New York City at February 9,  2014

Latest Achievements

 ABRSM - Associated Board of the Royal School of Music
The prestigious Royal School of Music International Examinations in examinations held in 93 countries. We are proud to say that Believe in Music Studio achieved 100% success rating. All 15 students passed the examination! 4 students passed with Merit; 10 passed with distinction!
Believe In Music Studio Salutes You and Applauds Your Exceptional Performance!
For more than 10 years we are prideful to keep up high international standard by preparing our students for Royal School of Music Examination.

National Federation of Music Clubs
All our students achieve superior rating. Believe in Music Studio students received: 17 trophies, 8 First Gold Cups, 6 Second Gold Cups.

Our students were awarded a sweeping number of twenty eight (28) National Federation of Golden Cups and fifteen (15) New Jersey Music Clubs Trophies.

20th and 21st Century Music Festival
Congratualtions for David Belkin, Alice Loukianova, Stefani Rechester, Daniella Granin, Michail Tokar, and Alice Zhao for their very successful performance on the Greenwich School of Music in New York City!

Piano Plus! Essembles Festival Greenwich School of Music, NYC
The following duets of Believe in Music students successfully performed in New York City: Eva and Aren Finelt, Henita Lawrence, Aatish Kandaswamy, Venita and Priya Lokhnauth

Carnegie Hall
David Belkin received a standing ovation in Carnegie Hall. It was his third performance in the world most prestigious Concert Hall!

Distinction Recital
Ten Believe in Music Studio students have been invited to perform in Monmouth Academy of Musical Arts on ABRSM Distinction Recital:
Alexa Elyash , Aatish Kandaswamy, Jem Riche, Elizabeth Kochel, Yorgos Vassiliuou, Semirta Kizhakkey, Dyami Efroimson, Kirti Ganesan, Annabelle Wu, David Wang.

Gold Cup Recital
Five Believe in Music Studio students have been invited to perform in Caldwell University on Gold Cup Recital: David Belkin, Olivia Gomez, Kirti Ganesan, Frank Guadagnino, Alexander Yakir.

Backstage Tour in Metropolitan Opera
Big group of Believe In Music Studio students and their families were privately toured behind the scene of the iconic Metropolitan Opera. It was amazing discovery that definitely will be remembered all life!

Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit Concert

Believe In Music Studio, a Fair Lawn-based music school directed by Marina Belkin, raised $1,755.00 for victims of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. When pictures and stories surfaced of the devastated areas, the Studio used music as a rallying cry to unite music-lovers and families alike. It raised awareness and funds for the cause; deciding to partner with the Robin Hood Foundation (which also organized the 12/12/12 charity concert). As a result, the Studio organized a benefit concert, which was held on December 16th at the Fair Lawn Jewish Center. The concert drew over 200 people and featured over 20 performers.

The concert host was David Belkin, a local talented pianist who also performed at the event. David has previously at the Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and various international competitions. This night, he graced the crowd with his first hand stories of fundraising in the blistering cold with Alice Loukianova (a friend who also  performed) and his mom. "The $70 we raised was a great motivation to making a difference in every way and level that we could". In addition to the musical portion, the concert also held a bake sale and nail design station; all of these also helped to the fundraising effort and added a greater community feel to the event. Each participant was helping in their own towards a greater goal.

This was the second benefit concert Believe In Music Studio has hosted in the wake of a tragedy. In 2005, right after Hurricane KAtrina devastated the New Orleans area, the Studio reached out to Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation through which they raised $2,000 to help musicians displaced by the Hurricane. The Studio also tries to balance these performances with recitals in senior centers and assisted living homes and book drives and collections for local charities. "It feels good to give back," said David Belkin.  "I am glad that I have music  as a means to unite people and to see the brighter side in these sometimes difficult times".

2013 Certificate of Excellence in Music Teaching
presented to Marina Belkin by International Concert Festival organization for her dedication and high level of teaching in tri-state area.